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Kekchi (kek), one of 50+ Mayan languages still spoken in Guatemala today. The Kekchi number approximately 700,000 and are located in Alta Verapaz in northern Guatemala. They do extend into Belize and many are migrating to California and New York. Kekchi is a Mayan language, but it is more closely related to the Mayan languages of southern Mexico. They are animistic and are greatly influenced by the trend to switch back to the old Mayan religion. However, the Kekchi Bible has had a tremendous impact on the Kekchis resulting in a people’s movement in the ‘80 when thousands turned to the Lord. They continue on today with a concern for reaching their own people with the Gospel. The Nazarene, the Southern Baptists, the Mennonites, and various Pentecostal groups are all using the Kekchi Bible and hold their services in the Kekchi language. They are proud of their Kekchi culture and language, but still burdened to reach others with the true Gospel message. It is an indigenous work that will continue on long after all expatriates have left the country.

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