8845 unfruitfulness

8845 unfruitfulness

A lack of fruitfulness, whether material or spiritual, which is often seen as a sign of God’s disfavour or anger.

Unfruitfulness as a moral or spiritual condition

Mt 21:19 pp Mk 11:14 See also Job 15:32-33; Eze 17:9; Eze 19:10-12; Mt 21:43; Heb 6:7-8

Reasons for unfruitfulness

Disobedience Lev 26:18-20 See also Dt 11:17; Dt 28:15-16; Ps 78:46; Ps 107:33-34; Isa 5:10; Isa 32:10; Hos 8:7; Hag 2:19

A continuing preoccupation with the world Mt 13:22 pp Mk 4:19 pp Lk 8:14

A broken relationship with Jesus Christ Jn 15:4 See also Jn 15:6

Some results of unfruitfulness

Unfruitfulness condemned Isa 5:1-7

Unfruitfulness leads to rejection Mt 3:8-10 pp Lk 3:9; Mt 7:19

Unfruitfulness retrieved

Lk 13:6-9 The parable holds out the possibility of restoration.

Discipline with a view to renewed fruitfulness Jn 15:2

See also

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8102abiding in Christ
8347spiritual growth

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