8830 suspicion

8830 suspicion

The belief that people or things are not as they appear. It may be based on evidence, but it can also be ill-founded, occasioned by jealousy or malicious gossip.

Suspicion of sexual impurity

Dt 22:13-19 See also Nu 5:11-31

Suspicion of drunkenness

1Sa 1:9-18 See also Ac 2:13-15

Suspicion of espionage

2Sa 10:1-5

Suspicion of treachery

1Sa 18:6-9 See also Ex 1:9-10; 1Sa 20:24-31; 1Sa 21:10-12; 1Sa 29:1-11

Lack of suspicion

2Sa 15:7-12 See also 1Sa 27:1-12; 2Sa 13:1-11,23-29

Evil suspicions

1Ti 6:3-5

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