8777 lust

8777 lust

An overpowering and compulsive desire or passion, especially of a sexual nature. Scripture condemns lust of all kinds, and urges believers to show self-control.

Lust has its origins in the heart and mind

Pr 6:25-29; Mt 5:28 See also Ge 3:6; Job 31:1; Jas 1:13-15; 1Jn 2:16

Lust is natural to unbelievers

Ro 1:21-27 See also Ro 7:5; 1Co 6:9-10; 1Pe 4:3; 2Pe 2:14-18

Believers can and must fight against lust by showing self-control

Gal 5:16-21; Col 3:5 See also 1Co 9:27; Gal 5:24; Eph 4:22; 1Th 4:4-5; 2Ti 2:22; Tit 2:12; 1Pe 2:11

Examples of lust

Lust expressed as sexual desire Ge 39:6-12 Potiphar’s wife and Joseph; 2Sa 11:2-5 David and Bathsheba

Lust for money 1Ti 6:9-10 See also 1Ti 3:3

The lustful desire of Israel and Judah for alliances Eze 23:1-21 Both kingdoms sought security from such alliances, rather than trusting in God.

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