8370 zeal

8370 zeal

A single-minded desire, characterised by enthusiasm and devotion. In Scripture it is often directed towards God, but God is also credited with zeal for his people and for the honour of his name. Misdirected or inappropriate zeal can degenerate into fanaticism.

Zeal for God

1Ki 19:9-10 See also Nu 25:1-13; 1Ki 19:13-14; 2Ki 10:15-28; Pr 23:17

Zeal for God’s house

Ps 69:7-9 See also Jn 2:13-17

Zeal for God’s service

Ro 12:11 See also Ne 3:20; 2Co 8:16-22

Zeal for God’s law

Ac 21:20 See also Ps 119:137-144

Zeal for the nation

2Sa 21:2

God’s zeal

Manifested in wrath against sin Isa 42:13 See also Nu 25:10-11; Dt 29:18-21; Isa 59:12-19; Eze 5:8-13; Eze 36:5-7; Eze 38:18-23

Manifested in concern for his people Isa 26:11 See also 2Ki 19:29-31 pp Isa 37:30-32; Isa 9:1-7; Isa 63:15; Eze 39:25

Misdirected zeal

Pr 19:2 See also Ac 21:40-22:5; Ro 10:1-4; 1Co 13:3; Gal 1:13-14; Gal 4:17-18; Php 3:6

Zeal for national identity: the Zealots

Ac 1:13 See also Mt 10:2-4 pp Mk 3:16-19 pp Lk 6:14-16

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