7384 household gods

7384 household gods

Known in the Hebrew as “teraphim”, miniature idols small enough for their owners to keep in their homes or to carry with them when travelling.

Examples of the use of household gods

Ge 31:19 See also Ge 31:34; Jdg 17:1-6; Jdg 18:18,30-31; 1Sa 19:13-16; Eze 21:21 Three methods of divination are described here, shaking the arrows (belomancy), consulting the household gods (necromancy) and the examination of the liver of a sacrificed victim (hepatoscopy).

The use of household gods was contrary to God’s law

Dt 7:25-26 See also Ex 20:4-6 pp Dt 5:8-10

The removal and condemnation of household gods

2Ki 23:24 See also Ge 35:2-4; Isa 44:9-11; Eze 18:5-6; Zec 10:2

See also

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