7342 cleanliness

7342 cleanliness

Careful, fastidious attention to personal hygiene, particularly important in the climate of the Near East. In Scripture, sin is associated with lack of cleanliness, whereas redemption and baptism are linked with washing.

Cleanliness through bathing

As part of general personal hygiene Ru 3:1-3 See also Jn 13:10

For cleansing from uncleanness Lev 17:15-16 See also Lev 14:8-9; Lev 15:13; 2Ki 5:9-14

Cleanliness through washing feet

A customary practice after a journey Ge 19:1-2 See also Ge 18:1-5; Ge 24:32; Ge 43:24; 1Sa 25:40-42; 2Sa 11:6-8; Lk 7:36-47

As a sign of humility and love Jn 13:2-17 See also 1Ti 5:9-10

Cleanliness through washing clothes

As part of general personal hygiene Isa 7:3 See also 2Ki 18:17 pp Isa 36:2

For cleansing from uncleanness Lev 11:40 See also Ex 19:10-11,14-15; Lev 13:6; Lev 16:26; Nu 8:7; Nu 19:21

Cleanliness through washing faces and hands

Mt 6:16-18 See also Ex 30:18-21; Ex 40:30-31; Mt 15:2

Cleanliness through washing infants at birth

Eze 16:4-5

Cleansing agents

Jer 2:22 See also Job 9:30-31; Mal 3:2

The Pharisees’concern with outer cleanliness to the exclusion of inner purity

Mk 7:1-23 pp Mt 15:1-20 See also Lk 11:37-41

Cleanliness used metaphorically

Lack of cleanliness associated with sin Zec 3:1-7 See also Isa 4:4; Mt 12:43-45 pp Lk 11:24-26

Cleanliness associated with righteousness and purity Rev 19:14 See also Jer 4:14; Eph 5:25-27; Tit 3:4-7; Jas 4:8; Rev 15:6; Rev 19:8

Baptism compared to washing away sins Ac 22:16 See also 1Pe 3:21-22

See also

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7426ritual washing

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