6257 unbelievers

6257 unbelievers

Those who are unwilling to believe and trust in God, especially as he has made himself known in and through Jesus Christ.

Characteristics of unbelievers

A refusal to believe in God Nu 14:11; Ps 78:32; Jn 5:38; Ac 14:2

A refusal to trust in God Ps 78:22; Heb 4:2

A persistence in sin Ps 78:32

Descriptions of unbelievers

They are blind 2Co 4:4 See also Jn 9:39-41

They are disobedient Heb 3:12,18-19

Unbelievers can become believers

1Ti 1:13 See also Mk 9:24

The effect of tongues and prophecy on unbelievers

1Co 14:22-25

Relationships between believers and unbelievers

Believers should not marry unbelievers 2Co 6:14-15

An unbelieving husband or wife 1Co 7:12-16 See also 1Pe 3:1

Eating with unbelievers 1Co 10:27-29

The consequence of remaining an unbeliever

Jn 3:18 See also Lk 12:46; Jn 8:24; Jn 12:48; Rev 21:8

Examples of unbelievers

Some Israelites: Nu 14:13-39; Dt 1:34-35; 1Co 10:10
Mt 17:20 the disciples; Mk 8:11-12 some Pharisees Some Jews: Ac 14:2; Ac 17:5

See also

5135blindness, spiritual
6125condemnation, divine
6178hardness of heart
8426evangelism, motivation
9023death, unbelievers
9210judgment, God’s

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