6209 pagans

6209 pagans

OT use of the term “pagan”

Used of foreign adherents of heathen religions Isa 2:6 See also 2Ki 23:4-7; Zep 1:4-6

Used of heathen religions, peoples and countries Isa 57:8 See also La 1:10; Am 7:17

In the Gospels “pagans” is synonymous with “Gentiles”

Mt 6:7 See also Mt 5:47; Mt 6:32 pp Lk 12:30; Mt 18:17

The term “pagans” is used to refer to people who were neither Jews nor Christians

Pagans as idolaters 1Co 12:2 See also 1Co 10:7; Ex 32:6; 1Co 10:20

Pagans as immoral 1Pe 4:3 See also 1Co 5:1

Many believers lived among the pagans 1Pe 2:12 See also 3Jn 7

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