6118 blemish

6118 blemish

A mark or stain which spoils something or lessens its value. The term is often used symbolically to refer to sin. The OT sacrificial system specified that only unblemished animals should be sacrificed.

A blemish is ritually unacceptable

In animals to be sacrified Dt 15:21; Mal 1:13-14 See also Ex 12:5; Lev 22:20-25; Dt 17:1

In priests offering sacrifices Lev 21:17-23

A blemish or stain as a symbol of sin

Jer 2:22 See also Isa 59:3; Jude 23

Sinful people represented as blemishes 2Pe 2:13 See also Jude 12

Without blemish: physical or moral perfection

Absalom 2Sa 14:25

Daniel and his companions Da 1:3-4

Jesus Christ 1Pe 1:18-19 See also Heb 9:12-14

The church Eph 5:27 See also Col 1:22

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