5969 treachery

5969 treachery

A betrayal of trust by a close companion, often involving a preconceived plan. Those found guilty of treachery are severely punished by God.

Treachery against God

Zep 3:4 See also Lev 26:40; Isa 48:8; Isa 59:13

Treachery against other people

2Sa 20:9-10 See also Jdg 16:19 Delilah against Samson; 1Sa 18:17 Saul against David; 2Sa 3:27 Joab against Abner; 2Sa 4:6 Recab and Baanah against Ish-Bosheth; 2Sa 11:15 David against Uriah; 2Sa 13:28-29 Absalom against Amnon; 1Ki 21:7-13 Jezebel against Naboth; Ne 6:2 Sanballat and Geshem against Nehemiah; Est 3:8 Haman against Mordecai; Mt 26:49 pp Mk 14:45 pp Lk 22:47-48 Judas against Jesus Christ; Ac 7:18-19 Pharaoh against the Israelites

Punishment of the treacherous

Ac 1:18 See also 2Sa 18:14-15 Absalom; 1Ki 2:31-34 Joab; 2Ki 9:30-37 Jezebel; Est 7:10 Haman; Ps 25:3; Ps 59:5; Isa 33:1

Treachery in the purposes of God

Ac 4:27-28 See also Ge 50:20; Jdg 9:22-24; 2Ki 9:23; 2Ki 11:14 pp 2Ch 23:13

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