5965 temperament

5965 temperament

A person’s disposition, especially as shown in mental or emotional responses. God’s people should be of an even temperament.

God’s people should be of even temperament

Pr 16:32 See also Tit 2:1-14

Even temperament is a requirement for church leadership

1Ti 3:2-3 See also 1Ti 3:8-9,11; Tit 1:7-9

Examples of people who had an unpleasant temperament

Saul 1Sa 16:23 Violent mood swings and bad temper were signs of mental instability in Saul. See also 1Sa 16:14-16; 1Sa 18:6-15; 1Sa 20:4-7,24-33

Nabal the Carmelite 1Sa 25:17 See also 1Sa 25:2-11,36-38

See also

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