5944 self-defence

5944 self-defence

The people of God in the OT defended themselves, but their ultimate defence was to be God himself. Paul, using the channels open to him, answered false charges against him in the church and before civil authorities. Christians are not to take personal revenge but, following Jesus Christ’s example, are to entrust themselves to God.

Defence of one’s property

Ex 22:2-3

Defence of one’s person

The use of a stronghold See also Jdg 6:2; 1Sa 23:14; 2Sa 5:17

The strength of numbers Ecc 4:12

Trust in the Lord Da 3:16-18

The example of Jesus Christ in self-defence

1Pe 2:20-23 See also Isa 53:7; Mt 5:39 pp Lk 6:29; Mt 26:52; Jn 18:11; Ro 12:19; 2Ti 4:14

Defence against spiritual enemies

Ac 20:28; Eph 6:10-12 See also Eph 6:13-18

Self-defence in the face of false accusations

Paul to the Corinthian church 1Co 9:1-3; 2Co 12:17-19

Paul before the civil authorities Ac 21:39-22:1,3-21,30-23:5; Ac 24:10; Ac 25:6-8,13-16; Ac 26:1-2; 2Ti 4:16

The promise of the help of the Holy Spirit Lk 12:11-12 pp Mt 10:19-20 pp Mk 13:11 See also Lk 21:14-15

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