5829 defiance

5829 defiance

Open refusal to obey any authority. Defiance is seen in the Bible as evil when authority is legitimate but good when authority is ungodly.

Defiance of God is condemned

Jer 50:29 See also 1Ki 13:21-22,26; Ps 139:19-22; Isa 3:8; Isa 65:7; Jer 48:26,42

To defy God’s people is to defy God 1Sa 17:10,23,25-26,36,45

Defiance of legitimate authority

Ro 13:2 See also Nu 15:30; 1Pe 2:13

Defiance of ungodly authority

Da 3:28 See also Da 6:13; Ac 4:19; Ac 5:29; Ac 17:7; Rev 20:4

See also

5257civil authorities
5457power, human

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