5729 one flesh

5729 one flesh

A sign and expression of the inseparable union between husband and wife. This is not only physical but emotional, mental and spiritual. It is also used to describe the union between Jesus Christ and the church.

One flesh describes the inseparable union between husband and wife

Ge 2:22-24 See also 1Co 6:16; Eph 5:28-29,31

One flesh refers to sexual union which Scripture describes in various ways

To lie with Ge 4:1,17,25; Ge 19:31-35; Ge 29:21,23,30; 1Sa 1:19; 2Sa 11:11; 2Sa 12:24; 2Sa 16:21

To come together Mt 1:18; 1Co 7:5

To have union or unite with 1Co 6:15-16 See also Ge 2:24; Mt 1:25; Mt 19:5 pp Mk 10:7; Eph 5:31

Natural relations Ro 1:26-27

One flesh expresses an intimacy encouraged by God

Only within heterosexual marriage Mt 19:4-6 pp Mk 10:6-9 See also Ge 1:27; Ge 2:24; Ex 20:14 pp Dt 5:18; Lev 20:10; Mt 5:27-28; 1Co 5:9-11; 1Co 6:9; 1Co 7:4

Intimate relations between members of the same sex are unnatural and wrong Lev 18:22 See also Ro 1:26-27; 1Co 6:9

One flesh describes the union between Jesus Christ and the church

Eph 5:31-32 See also Ge 2:24; 1Co 6:16-17

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