5553 stairways

5553 stairways

Steps which provide access to upper levels, usually of buildings. The term is also used figuratively as a means of ascent from earth to heaven.

Stairways relating to places of worship

In Solomon’s temple 1Ki 6:8

Used by the Levites Ne 9:4

In Ezekiel’s vision of the new temple Eze 40:49 See also Eze 40:6,22,26,31,34,37,49; Eze 41:7; Eze 43:17

Steps forbidden for the altar Ex 20:26

Stairways relating to royalty

1Ki 10:19-20 pp 2Ch 9:18-19 See also 2Ki 9:13; 2Ki 20:11 pp Isa 38:8

Stairways in city walls and fortresses

Ne 3:15 See also Ne 3:19; Ne 12:37; Ac 21:35,40

Stairways in houses

For access to upper floors and basements Ac 9:39 See also 2Sa 18:33; 1Ki 17:19; Ac 1:13; Ac 9:37; Ac 10:20; Ac 20:8,11

Figurative use of stairways

Ge 28:12 See also Jn 1:51

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