5529 sieges

5529 sieges

Sustained battle against fortified cities, preventing renewal of supplies; a common tactic in OT times. Samaria and Jerusalem both fell to sieges.

Sieges used by and against Israel

Dt 20:12,19-20; Jdg 9:50; 1Sa 11:1; 2Sa 11:1; 2Sa 20:15

Ben-Hadad II twice besieged Samaria, unsuccessfully

1Ki 20:1 See also 1Ki 20:15-20; 2Ki 6:24; 2Ki 7:3-7

Shalmaneser V besieged Samaria

2Ki 17:5-6 See also 2Ki 18:9-12

Sennacherib besieged Jerusalem, unsuccessfully

2Ki 18:17,35-36; 2Ch 32:1-5; Isa 29:5-8; Isa 37:36-37

Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem

2Ki 25:1 See also 2Ki 25:2-11 pp Jer 39:1-10; 2Ch 36:17-20 pp Jer 52:4-15

Jesus Christ warned that Jerusalem would be besieged and destroyed

Lk 19:43 The Roman army destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 70 using an embankment to besiege the city. See also Lk 21:20-24

Sieges caused great suffering and people adopted desperate measures for survival

Dt 28:51-57; 2Ki 6:24-29; 2Ki 18:27

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