5403 masons

5403 masons

Building projects on which masons were employed

David’s palace 2Sa 5:11 pp 1Ch 14:1

Solomon’s palace See also 1Ki 7:9-12

The temple 1Ki 6:7; 1Ch 22:14-15 See also 1Ki 5:15-18 pp 2Ch 2:2; 2Ch 2:18

The repair of the temple 2Ki 12:11-12 pp 2Ch 24:12; 2Ki 22:5-6 pp 2Ch 34:11

The rebuilding of the temple Ezr 3:7

Herod’s temple Mk 13:1-2

The work of masons

Skilled work 2Ch 2:13-14

Dressed stone was superior Isa 9:10 The arrogant boast of the inhabitants of Samaria.

Dangerous work Ecc 10:9

Masons could make mistakes

Ps 118:22 See also Mt 21:42 pp Mk 12:10 pp Lk 20:17 Jesus Christ interprets the saying as referring to his rejection by the Jews; Ac 4:11; 1Pe 2:7

God is described as a mason

1Pe 2:4-6 See also Job 38:6; Isa 28:16

See also

7467temple, Solomon’s

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