5304 embroidery

5304 embroidery

Examples of embroidery

The entrance curtain to the tabernacle Ex 26:36 See also Ex 27:16; Ex 36:37; Ex 38:18

Aaron’s sash Ex 28:39 See also Ex 39:29

Costly robes Ps 45:14 See also Eze 16:10,13,18; Eze 26:16

An expensive sail Eze 27:7

Embroidery was important in trade

Eze 27:16,24

Embroidered garments were the spoils of war

Jdg 5:30

The developing human embryo is likened to God’s embroidery

Ps 139:15

See also

5212arts and crafts
7459tabernacle, in OT

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