5286 custom

5286 custom

An established way or rule (often unwritten) of behaviour, either for an individual or in a society.

Examples of the customs of individuals

1Sa 27:11; Job 1:5; Mk 10:1; Lk 4:16; Ac 17:2

Examples of group customs

1Sa 2:13; 1Ki 18:28; Lk 1:9; Ac 16:20-21

Examples of social customs

Ge 29:26 The older daughter is married before the younger; Jdg 8:24 The Ishmaelites wore gold ear-rings; Jdg 14:10 wedding feasts; Ru 4:7 exchanging sandals as symbol of closing deals; 1Sa 20:25 Court customs: 2Ki 11:14; Est 1:13 Mourning customs: Eze 24:17,22
Mt 27:15 pp Mk 15:6 pp Jn 18:39 release of prisoners at Passover Mary and Joseph obey the customs of the law: Lk 2:27,42
Jn 19:40 burial customs; Ac 25:16 Roman legal customs

A custom can commemorate a particular event

Jdg 11:39-40; Est 9:27

God’s people are not to follow improper customs

Lev 18:30 See also Lev 20:23; 2Ki 17:7-8,19,33,40-41; Est 3:8; Ps 106:34-35,40-41; Jer 10:2-3

The issue of whether or not Gentile Christians should follow Jewish customs

Gal 2:14-16 See also Ac 6:11-14; Ac 15:1-2,28-29; Ac 21:21,24; Ac 28:17; Gal 4:9-10; Col 2:8

See also

5710marriage, customs

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