5276 crime

5276 crime

An offence against the established laws of society including murder, adultery, theft, perjury and treason. Scripture contains both warnings and teaching to help young people avoid a life of crime.

Crime in Israel

Dt 6:1-2 Crime in Israel was the breaking of laws given by God.

Examples of crimes covered by Israel’s laws See also Ex 20:13 murder; Ex 20:14 adultery; Ex 20:15 theft; Ex 20:16 perjury Treason: Jos 1:16-18; 2Sa 15:7-10; 1Ki 16:15-18; 2Ki 11:1-3 pp 2Ch 22:10-12

Examples of crime in the NT

Murder Mt 2:16; Ac 7:58

Adultery Jn 8:3-4; 1Co 5:1

Theft Jn 12:6

Perjury Mt 26:59-60 pp Mk 14:55-56; Ac 6:13; Ac 25:7

Scripture warns young people that temptation may lead to crime

Violence Pr 1:10-19

Sexual immorality Pr 5:1-23; Pr 6:20-29; Pr 7:6-27

Scripture teaches parents to discipline their children

Pr 13:24; Pr 19:18; Pr 22:6,15; Pr 23:13

See also

6236sexual sin
8232discipline, family

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