5261 commander

5261 commander

A general term referring to a senior military officer in charge of soldiers.

Commanders of various ranks

Supreme commander See also 2Ki 18:17

Field commander Isa 36:2

Provincial commander 1Ki 20:14

Commander of captains 2Ch 8:9

Commander of the citadel Ne 7:2

Commanders over various numbers of men

Dt 1:15; Nu 31:14

Commanders serving under various rulers

Ge 21:22 Abimelech; Jdg 4:2 Jabin; 1Sa 14:50 Saul; 2Ki 5:1 the king of Aram; 2Ki 11:4 Jehoiada; 2Ki 25:8 Nebuchadnezzar David: 1Ch 11:6; 1Ch 12:8,14; 1Ch 15:25; 1Ch 25:1; 1Ch 28:1
2Ch 1:2 Solomon; Mk 6:21 Herod

The commander of the Roman troops

Ac 21:31-34; Ac 22:26-30; Ac 23:10,17-23; Ac 24:22

The commander of the army of the Lord

Jos 5:13-15

Commanders in spiritual warfare

2Ti 2:4

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