5245 captain

5245 captain

A senior military officer, usually in charge of a ruler’s personal guards or bodyguards, the temple guard or a group of soldiers. The word is also used to refer to the commander of a ship’s crew.

Captains in charge of a ruler’s personal guards or bodyguards

Potiphar, captain of Pharaoh’s guard Ge 37:36; Ge 39:1; Ge 40:3-4; Ge 41:10,12

David, captain of Saul’s bodyguard 1Sa 22:14

The captain of the guard arrests Jeremiah See also Jer 37:13

Captains in charge of the temple guard

Ac 4:1 See also Ac 5:24,26

Captains in charge of soldiers

King Ahaziah sends a captain with fifty men to Elijah 2Ki 1:9-14

Captains come to the help of Deborah Jdg 5:14

Solomon’s captains were Israelites 1Ki 9:22 pp 2Ch 8:9

God will remove captains in judgment Isa 3:1-3

Captains in charge of a ship’s crew

The ship’s captain orders Jonah to call on his god Jnh 1:6

Sea captains will bemoan the fall of Babylon Rev 18:17-19

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