5117 Ruth

5117 Ruth

A young Moabite widow, who, because of her selfless devotion to her mother-in-law Naomi, and to Naomi’s God, gained a husband and a child, a place in Jewish history and became the great-grandmother of David and an ancestor of Jesus Christ.

Ruth faces the problems of widowhood

Ru 1:3-5 See also Ru 1:6-13

Ruth commits herself to Naomi

Ru 1:16-17 See also Ru 1:18,22; Ru 2:11

Ruth and Boaz

Boaz allows Ruth to glean in his fields Ru 2:8-9 See also Ru 2:14-23

Ruth asks Boaz to be her “kinsman-redeemer” Ru 3:9 The kinsman-redeemer was the closest male relative who had responsibility to marry a widow within the family and thereby protect the interests of needy members of the extended family.

Boaz negotiates with a nearer relative of Ruth’s See also Ru 4:1-8

Boaz marries Ruth Ru 4:9-10 See also Ru 4:11-13

She has a son who is presented to Naomi Ru 4:13 See also Ru 4:17

Ruth is included in the genealogy of Jesus Christ

Mt 1:5-6

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