5098 John the Baptist

5098 John the Baptist

The forerunner of Jesus Christ, born to elderly parents of the Aaronic line. His public ministry began in the Judean wilderness with a call to repentance and baptism. His ministry is seen as a fulfilment of OT prophecy, in preparation for the ministry of Jesus Christ. He was executed by Herod.

John’s birth and early years

His birth and naming Lk 1:57-60 See also Lk 1:5-13,61-66

Prophetic words over his life Lk 1:14-17 See also Lk 1:76-79

He was related to Jesus Christ Lk 1:36

His early years Lk 1:80

John’s ministry

His simple lifestyle Mt 3:4 pp Mk 1:6; Mt 11:18 pp Lk 7:33; Lk 7:24-25

His call for repentance Lk 3:3 pp Mt 3:1 pp Mk 1:4

He fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy Mt 3:3 pp Mk 1:2-3 pp Lk 3:4-6 Just as roads were improved in the ancient world in preparation for the visit of a king, so John calls for people to prepare spiritually and morally for the imminent coming of the Messiah. See also Isa 40:3; Jn 1:23

His practice of baptism Mk 1:4-5 pp Mt 3:5-6 See also Jn 3:23; Jn 10:40

His challenge to established religion Mt 3:7-10 pp Lk 3:7-9 See also Lk 3:10-14

The contrast of his own baptism with that which the Messiah would bring Lk 3:15-17 pp Mt 3:11-12 pp Mk 1:7-8

His testimony to Jesus Christ Jn 1:15 See also Jn 1:6-8,21-27; Jn 10:41

He recognises that his own ministry must decrease, while that of Jesus Christ will increase Jn 3:27-30

John’s baptising of Jesus Christ

See also Mt 3:13-15 pp Mk 1:9 pp Lk 3:21 John’s reluctance to baptise Jesus Christ lay in his recognition of who Jesus was and the apparent inappropriateness of such a baptism; Jn 1:29-34

John and his disciples

John had disciples Jn 1:35-37; Jn 3:25; Jn 4:1

He taught them to pray Lk 11:1

His disciples become envious of Jesus Christ Jn 3:25-26

He sends his disciples to question Jesus Christ Mt 11:2-6 pp Lk 7:18-23 Locked up in prison, John needed reassurance that his expectations about Jesus Christ had been well-founded.

John’s disciples and the first Christians Ac 18:24-19:7

John’s imprisonment and death

His confrontation with Herod leads to his imprisonment Lk 3:19-20 See also Mt 14:3-5 pp Mk 6:17-20

His execution Mt 14:6-12 pp Mk 6:21-29

Some thought Jesus Christ to be John risen from the dead

Mk 8:27-28 pp Mt 16:13-14 See also Mt 14:1-2 pp Mk 6:14-16 pp Lk 9:7-9

Jesus Christ’s estimation of John

Jesus Christ honours him Mt 11:11 pp Lk 7:28

Jesus Christ sees him as marking the end of the old covenant and the arrival of the kingdom Lk 16:16 See also Mt 11:12-13

Jesus Christ sees him as the promised Elijah Mt 11:14 On the basis of Malachi’s prophecy (Mal 4:5), it was widely accepted that Elijah must come before the Messiah could appear. This identification would have been reinforced by John dressing like Elijah (see 2Ki 1:8). See also Mt 11:10; Mal 3:1; Mt 17:11-13 pp Mk 9:11-13

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