5050 reason

5050 reason

The human capacity to think logically and intelligently, thereby discovering truth or persuading others. But human reason is limited and cannot arrive at a true and full knowledge of God without divine assistance and revelation.

The human power of reason

1Co 13:11

Human reason is limited

Job 32:11-12 See also Job 32:3

Human reason is far inferior to divine reason

1Co 1:18-31 See also Job 12:20,24-25; Isa 29:14; Isa 55:8-9

Human reason may point people towards God

Ro 2:14-15 See also Isa 1:18-20; Ac 17:22-23,27-28; Ro 1:19-20; Heb 11:17-19

Paul reasons with unbelievers

Ac 17:2-4 See also Ac 17:17; Ac 18:4,19

Believers are to give reasons for their faith

1Pe 3:15

God reasons with his rebellious people

Isa 1:18-19

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