4624 cow

4624 cow

Cows, in OT times, often symbolised wealth and material well-being.

Cows as evidence of prosperity

Job 21:10 Part of Job’s complaint about the prosperity of the wicked. See also Ge 12:16; Ge 24:35; Ge 32:5,13-15; Ge 41:1-4,17-21,25-27; 2Sa 12:2; 2Ch 32:27-28; Ps 50:10 evidence of God’s wealth; Hab 3:17-18 the believer’s joy despite the absence of prosperity

In the history of Israel

1Sa 6:7-14

Cows in God’s new earth

Isa 11:7 See also Isa 30:23; Isa 32:20

Cows as a source of nourishment and fuel

2Sa 17:29; Eze 4:15

Laws concerning cows

Ex 22:30; Lev 22:28

Cows in metaphors

Of stupidity Job 18:3

Of godless women Am 4:1

See also

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