4548 wineskin

4548 wineskin

A container or sack, made from animal skin to hold wine. Jesus Christ used the image of old and new wineskins to explain the differences between himself and John the Baptist.

Wineskins used to store or carry wine

1Sa 10:2-4 See also 1Sa 1:24; Ps 119:83; Jer 13:12-14; Hab 2:15-16

Old and new wineskins

Job 32:17-20 New wine was stored in new wineskins, which expanded with the wine as it fermented. See also Jos 9:3-13

Wineskins as gifts

2Sa 16:1-2 See also 1Sa 16:14-20; 1Sa 25:14-20

The parable of old and new wineskins

Mt 9:14-17 pp Mk 2:18-22 pp Lk 5:33-39

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