4546 winepress

4546 winepress

The vat in which grapes were trodden to produce juice for making wine. Scripture sometimes uses the image of treading grapes at the winepress to depict scenes of divine wrath and punishment.

Winepresses were widely used

Dt 15:12-14 See also Nu 18:25-27,30; Jdg 6:11; 2Ki 6:24-27

Treading grapes at winepresses

Literal references Ne 13:15 See also Job 24:11; Isa 16:10; Jer 48:33

Metaphorical references La 1:15 See also Isa 63:1-6; Joel 3:13; Rev 14:17-20; Rev 19:11-16

The association of winepresses with harvest

Rev 14:18-19 See also Dt 16:13-15

Winepresses in vineyards

Isa 5:1-2 See also Mt 21:33-34 pp Mk 12:1

Winepresses in place-names

Jdg 7:25 See also Zec 14:10

See also

1025God, anger of

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