4522 threshing

4522 threshing

The process of beating out or separating grain from harvested stalks.

Threshing and the harvest

Lev 26:5 See also Jdg 6:11; 1Ch 21:20; 1Co 9:9; Dt 25:4; 1Ti 5:18 Paul is adapting a humane OT law to the support of Christian workers.

Threshing implements

2Sa 24:22 pp 1Ch 21:23 A threshing-sledge was a board studded underneath with sharp stones which was dragged by oxen over the wheat ears in order to separate the kernels. See also Job 41:30; Isa 28:27-28; Isa 41:15

Threshing used figuratively

Isa 27:12; Hos 10:11 See also 2Ki 13:7; Pr 20:26; Jer 50:11; Mic 4:13

See also

4510sowing & reaping

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