4508 sickle

4508 sickle

A cutting tool with a short handle used in harvesting grain. Early blades were made of wood lined with flint teeth; these were later replaced with curved iron blades. The cutting down of grain at harvest with a sickle is used as a symbol of God’s judgment.

Sickles used to harvest grain

Mk 4:29 See also Dt 16:9; Dt 23:25 Sickles were not to be used in another person’s field; 1Sa 13:19-21; Jer 50:16

Cutting down grain as a symbol of judgment

Joel 3:13; Rev 14:14-19 See also Isa 17:5; Jer 51:33; Mic 4:12; Mt 13:30

See also

4510sowing & reaping
9210judgment, God’s

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