4212 astronomy

4212 astronomy

The study of the stars and planets, with a view to understanding their movements and their use in fixing the time of significant events.

Astronomy as a study

It demonstrates the greatness of God and his creation Job 9:7-9; Isa 40:26 See also Ge 2:1; Dt 10:14; 1Ch 16:26; Ne 9:6 Nehemiah’s prayer reviews God’s grace and power in creation; Job 22:12; Job 25:5; Job 26:9; Ps 19:1-6; Ps 33:6; Ps 74:16; Ps 89:5,11; Ps 96:5; Ps 104:2; Ps 136:5,7-9; Ps 148:3; Pr 3:19 Divine wisdom permeates the whole creation; Isa 38:8 the Lord’s sign to Hezekiah; Isa 45:12; Jer 31:35; Mt 5:45; Heb 1:10 credited to Jesus Christ

It demonstrates the humility of the human race Ps 8:3-4

The use of astronomy to determine dates

Ge 1:3-5; Ps 81:3; Ps 104:19

The mysteries of astronomy are beyond human understanding

Job 38:31-33

God’s judgment and astronomical disturbances

Joel 2:31; Mt 24:29 pp Mk 13:25 pp Lk 21:25 See also Isa 13:10; Isa 24:23; Isa 30:26; Isa 34:4; Isa 51:6; Isa 60:9-20 the glory of Zion; Eze 32:7-8; Joel 2:10; Joel 3:15; Am 8:9; Ac 2:20; 2Pe 3:10; Rev 8:12

Lessons from astronomy

The stars as symbols of plenty Ge 15:5

The regularity of the heavens as a symbol of the bleakness of life Ecc 1:5

The differing splendour within the creation 1Co 15:41

Wandering stars as a symbol of lostness Jude 13

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