1421 oracles

1421 oracles

Divine utterances or messages spoken through human lips. Especially noteworthy are the oracles of Balaam. Several other prophecies are also referred to as oracles.

The oracles of Balaam

Divine inspiration is irresistible Nu 22:38 See also Nu 22:18-19; Nu 23:11-12,25-26; Nu 24:12-13

Balaam’s experience Nu 24:2-4 See also Nu 23:3-5; Nu 24:15-16

Balaam’s oracles Nu 23:6-10 See also Nu 23:18-24; Nu 24:2-9,15-19,20-24

Oracles of the prophets

Mal 1:1 See also Isa 13:1; Isa 14:28; Isa 21:1-17; Isa 30:6-11; Eze 12:7-11 This oracle involved actions as well as words; Na 1:1

False oracles condemned

La 2:14 See also Jer 23:33-40

Wise judgment likened to oracles

Pr 16:10

Oracles of David

Ps 36:1 See also 2Sa 23:1-4

See also

1428prophecy, OT inspiration
1443revelation, OT
1690word of God
3281Holy Spirit, inspiration
5548speech, divine

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