Bible Life Coaching with Sheri Rose Shepherd - Friday, October 31, 2014

Loss of Power
by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Has my arm lost its power? Now you will see whether or not my word comes true!” - Numbers 11:23

I know that many of us women have felt the pressure and responsibility of "survival mode" When Life hits hard, and others are depending on us.

There's nothing more humbling then when you don't have the strength to do something you've been called to do or desire to do.

I've even wondered why--if God chose Moses to raise the staff to part the Red Sea for his children to escape from their enemies and walk to their freedom--than why in the middle of the miracle did Moses become too weak on his own to complete the mission? I can imagine the pressure that Moses felt, knowing that others would be affected if he could not perform. We can all relate to Moses.

There are times when we feel powerless, yet others depend on us for provision. We feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a mom, yet our kids need us to care for them.

I believe the story of Moses' weakness in the middle of a mission is a great reminder that God wants to use others as an extension of his love and loyalty to us. However, many times we are too embarrassed to say we need help, or we feel guilty that we can't do it all. However, the beautiful thing about God's power is that we get to experience it personally through people helping us accomplish what we cannot on our own.

Watch today's video and find freedom and courage to call out for help when needed--so you and others can experience God's mighty hand at work.

His Love Letter to You

My beloved daughter,

Apart from me, you will find that you are powerless. Even your greatest strength will become your greatest weakness if it separates you from dependence on me. I am your strong God and I love when you call to me for help. My greatest pleasure is allowing my power to be displayed in your weakest moment. I will allow things in your life to help you see how very real I am. We will miss out on many miracles if you do not allow yourself to call to me when you are worn out and worn down. I am here to give you all that you need to get my will accomplished in your life--but I cannot give you what you will not ask for, and you will not see my promises displayed in your life if you don't allow my power to be displayed with it. Now ask me, and watch what I can do from my beloved girl!

Your heavenly daddy and strong God


Dear God, I lift your precious daughter up before you today and I ask that she would not miss the amazing opportunity to witness a miracle by trying to be strong on her own. Help her to humble herself and call out to you so she can see you in a miraculous way. Amen.

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